sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009

Event "Say No to pedophilia"

me and a friend of facebook are organizing the event “say NO to pedophilia”. This event aims to disclose any information as possible on the subject in order to form a society more aware and sensitive to a plague that devastated humanity.

This event is planned for the participation of singers and artists of Portuguese name enshrined in our country. We also hold an auction with pieces from some famous and whose money goes to support the victims of pedophilia. However, the most important is the transmission of information on pedophiles, and and how the act can prevent us, safeguarding our children.

A child is a precious life is in that part of the planet is. They are helpless at the mercy of barbarians, and it is us giving them the best means of integration, security and the right to freedom

Our contact is related with the fact that all support and help are worthless and always welcome. Thus, we would like to count on with your help and participation in this project, given that pedophilia is a problem worldwide, not just a nation.

We would be honoured with your affirmative response to this request.

Please send a message to

Best regards

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